Our Philosophy

Children ranging from ages two to six are active, creative, and imaginative.  Children are these and a lot more.  During these formative years, children are naturally curious about themselves and their surroundings.  Their questions  seem  to  run  along endlessly and their energies seem to have no boundaries.  But most importantly, children belonging to this age group are in a phase where they are capable of learning in BIG strides.  They spend most of their waking hours playing.  By doing so, they are in truth, actively interacting with their environment; exploring and experimenting with it, thereby gaining experiences that help them to progress in their cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development.

As such, it is imperative that a stimulating environment is provided to allow children to optimize their potentials.  K.I.L.A. is specially designed to cater to their special needs.  Here, children are exposed to activities and manipulatives that create a challenge for young inquisitive minds.  These also render moments wherein children could fully use their motor skills, thus preparing them for more advanced forms of movement. We also believe that, in capturing the children’s interest and taking it on from there, we could hasten the learning process.  Thus, we have dynamic and sensitive facilitators who serve as guides in the children’s learning experiences.  They lead the children’s exploration and simultaneously respond to the cues that the children give in return.  As such, learning is made more meaningful.  Furthermore, the place encourages interaction among children.  These opportunities to freely interact with their peers not only provide a warm and friendly atmosphere but actually facilitates in building up children’s life skills and values, providing a firm foundation to develop treasures of attitudes like resiliency, empathy, honesty, and responsibility.

At this point, KIDS INT’L LEARNING ACADEMY acknowledges the big part we play in the children’s growth and development.  Yet, we cannot deny that we only serve as a supplementary factor in rearing them.  The children’s parents take the lead, thus we choose to form a partnership with them, working together to give the children proper guidance and education.  In this way, the children can be equipped with the necessary skills to take on higher life tasks and be ready for the bigger world.  Children are God’s gift to us.  They deserve these privileges and K.I.L.A. is giving these to them.